Photography by Paul McCombie

Bridges over the Tyne
  • A weekend in Newcastle

    23rd Nov 2019 by

    Heather and I went to Newcastle for the Brass in Concert competition. This was the first time we had stayed in the city centre, and even though it rained a lot, it was very atmospheric. And the music was amazing. Some of the photos from this weekend are on my home page for now.

  • The Deverills in Summer

    20th Jul 2020 by

    These photos are from walks near Brixton Deverill and Kingston Deverill. People lived on the hill tops here from around 3500 B.C.. Cold Kitchen Hill, in the later images here, was occupied until around 350 B.C.. Two Roman roads crossed the hill, fording the Deverill stream just to the north of Kingston Deverill.

  • Mothering Sunday Walk

    22nd Mar 2020 by

    Our eldest daughter has just finished a period of self-isolation, so was able to join us for a walk around Kingston Deverill, Wiltshsire.

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I hold copyright on all the photographs on this site. They were taken using an Olympus E-M5 camera, the more recent ones using an E-M5 mark 2. My favourite lens is the Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 pro, which has a focus ring that can be engaged by pushing it forwards, and then operates in the old fashioned way, moving glass directly rather than via a motor. Nearly all my camera kit were gifts from my parents, Frank and Grace McCombie, representing only a tiny fraction of what I am grateful to them for!

All the photos here are half size. If you would like to use any, you must write to me at Paul mccombies co uk (insert the usual punctuation). Depending on your proposed use, I might ask you to offer me an appropriate payment, and I’ll send you the full size image.

I hope that these photographs might inspire you to visit some of the places I love, and see them for yourself. At the least, I hope that they give you a sense of why these places are special, and at least some of the feeling I get when I’m there.

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